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Open to all levels, your choice of a surf instructor or guide is available to help you explore the beach in Palomino.

A surf class consists of a series of exercises that are first applied outside the water, where the technique of paddling and putting “on foot” is explained. The student will practice primarily with an indo-board, which is an instrument for balance and position on the surfboard.

After this part, the student will enter the water with the instructor and a special sized longboard, and the student will be guided to achieve their goal.

The class is 1 hours and 20 minutes long and duration in the water is 1 hour. Our partners are instructors certified by the Colombian Surf Federation and have knowledge in first aid.

Register by contacting us via WhatsApp below and we will reserve a class that fits your schedule.

$18 USD or $60.000 COP
Tour Guide Speaks English and Spanish
Palomino Beach
Courtesy Tide Surf Palomino

Courtesy Tide Surf Palomino


What else?

Relax and enjoy the nature, seeing the ice peaks from the Caribbean coast right in between two rivers. Walk from our private exit to your surf class, then experience the tranquility of Palomino.

The town where we are located was developed on sacred territory, then created by several indigenous ethnic groups including the Tayrona and Koguii. It is surrounded by a unique natural ecological system, one of the most spectacular nature reserves on Earth: the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Its snowy peak is clearly visible in the morning from The Dreamer reception and is the highest in the world near the sea, almost 6,000 meters within 40 km from the Caribbean coast.

We invite you to preserve the nature, help us take care of it and at the same time enjoy it. Please let us know if we can answer any of your questions related to surfing in Palomino.

What to pack?

Cotton T-shirt
Bathing Suit
Bottle of water 1 liter
Personal Medicine
Personal Medicine

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the instructors speak English?

The instructors are bi-lingual and will help you understand the mechanics of surfing well!

Can I just rent a board instead of take a class?

Yes! This is of course an option as well. Ask our receptionists to connect you with the instructor to discuss this option.

What is the best time to surf in Palomino?

The best time to surf is whenever you are ready to try! The windy season begins in December and ends in February, during this time the waves are smoother and larger than the most. In October and May the water becomes very calm and makes it impossible to surf.

How far in advance do I have to reserve?

You can let us know the same day or as far in advance as you prefer!

Where can I store my valuables while I surf?

At Dreamer we have lockers for your valuables, and if you prefer to bring a phone, camera or wallet to the beach, the instructors can watch these valuable for you.



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