Our Story


It all started when…


We, Fulvio and Michele, have been best friends since childhood. Growing up in a small Italian village, we always dreamed of leaving our country and seeing the world. After 6 years of living in different countries and staying in hostels around the world, our goal was to find an ideal place to create a haven for travelers looking for something more.

Our year long trip in 2007, was essential in comparing countries and cities, meeting new people, and sharing our vision.  When we visited the Caribbean Coast of Colombia (first in Santa Marta and then Palomino), we knew we had arrived at the place of our dreams!

The Dreamer is not just a place to stay. Yes, we offer wonderful accommodations, but more than that, we offer a place to connect with others, make friends and create new experiences together. A place to be inspired by the stunning beaches and lush jungles and escape the stress of the modern world. If this sounds like your cup of tea, we welcome you to come visit us and join our Dreamer family

With love,

Fulvio and Michele