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About Us

At Dreamers United, we believe in the incredible power of human to human connection. We know how impactful and uplifting simple interactions can be for everyone involved. There is no clearer illustration of this than travel. When you are out of your element, out of your comfort zone, and in an unknown land, it is then, that the undeniable power of human connection shines the brightest. It is this perspective expanding glimpse into a totally foreign reality that is a remarkable reminder that we are all humans. Feelings of love and empathy, sadness and happiness are universal to all of us. We are all dreamers and our actions toward one another can change the world.



Dreamers United’s purpose is to provide Youth Empowerment through Education, Sports and Community Engagement. With the sponsorship of after-school tutoring, recreational sports and community development, Dreamers United aims to instill a strong foundation of giving and service to our local communities by engaging travelers from across the world with the children of Colombia.


We’d love your participation.


You're invited to our weekly program with The Dreamer Foundation as we explore creativity and art practice in the 11 Noviembre neighborhood of Santa Marta. We will depart in the afternoon to enjoy a few hours of fun and interaction with the children.

All guests are invited, and we will provide water and snacks, and smiles. If you can’t be there in person, consider donating supplies below.






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