Meet a Dreamer: The Story of Leia & Yarden - Strangers Turned Best Friends

Meet a Dreamer: The Story of Leia & Yarden - Strangers Turned Best Friends

Meet a Dreamer is a series highlighting the stories of our vibrant and diverse guest community. Dreamers are united by a common thirst for adventure, connection, and shared experience.

Leia Muslow and Yarden Huri were total strangers before they left Israel in mid-May, now they call themselves soulmates. Leia, 23, and Yarden, 22, met at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, en route to South America for the first time.  Both planned to trek through the continent alone. Yarden, anxious about travelling solo, was drawn to Leia’s poised, cool demeanor.  “I was nervous to be alone,” said Yarden, “but Leia, she’s so calm, we’re a great pair.”


Discovering their shared itinerary, they vowed to travel the continent together.  Since that serendipitous meeting in May, Leia and Yarden haven’t left each other’s side. Starting in Peru, they hiked Machu Picchu and swam in the Pacific Ocean at Mancora Beach. Since arriving in Colombia, they’ve danced in Medellin, wandered Cartagena’s old city, and admired the beauty of Santa Marta’s nearby Tayrona National Park.

Leia and Yarden’s favorite thing about Colombia? Besides the beautiful beaches, it is surprisingly the Bon Bon Bum lollipops!  They love them so much, they bought a large bag and have started handing them out to fellow travelers and locals alike. In addition, they fell in love with Tayrona National Park, it's beaches and exquisite nature. (Quick plug: take a look at our Top Five Reasons to visit this magical place).

Back Israel, Leia and Yarden are university students.  Leia, a talented portrait artist (check out her instagram @lei_m_art), is passionate about art and hopes to pursue it as a career. Fun fact she is also a former professional swimmer. Yarden enjoys singing and playing ukelele and piano, and wants to use her music to help others.

Asked what they’ve learned from their travels so far that they’ll take back with them to Israel, the response: “It’s not where you are, it’s who you’re with - the people make your travel experience special!”

At The Dreamer, we’re fortunate to host exceptional people like Leia and Yarden, they make our place special!