5 Reasons to Visit Tayrona Park in Colombia

5 Reasons to Visit Tayrona Park in Colombia

The Tayrona National Natural Park is without a doubt an obligatory place to visit around the city of Santa Marta and pueblo of Palomino; characterized by the majesty of the ocean that bathes its soft white or yellow sand beaches and the exuberant jungle that embraces it.

To go to Tayrona is to meet nature at its best, feeling a warm and wild connection that only the sea and the mountain offer you. After living different experiences between water and land when visiting this nature reserve "The Dreamer" has listed 5 reasons that describe the magic of knowing this impressive place.

Photo via  @ariverax

Photo via @ariverax

Sounds of Nature and Breathtaking Surroundings

To get to each of the beaches inside the park you must have proper shoes and a backpack. Prepare your camera and sharpen your senses, as you will perceive how nature pronounces itself. Onceinserted in the heart of the mountain, you can feel the crunch of its large ceibas and palms, the soft chanting of endemic birds and the distinct sound of the great howling monkey, which extends for several minutes and can become somewhat unsettling.

Photo via  @alexainbxl

Photo via @alexainbxl

Stepping Inside a National Geographic Episode

Following the path, we will arrive at the coral reef. Close by you will find a beach - although not suitable for swimming - you can appreciate its high majestic waves. Nearby lies a stream where it is possible to look at a species of alligators named "caimans" that range between 1 1/2 and 4 meters long. This is a clearly marked protection area, so it is necessary to be discreet. Pay attention and you can have a wild experience that any lens should capture.

Discovering Tayrona from it's Blue Side

Visiting Tayrona and not appreciating its marine life would be an incomplete experience, as Jacques Cousteau puts it in one of his famous phrases: "The sea hooks you like a net for all eternity", likewise you will be hooked to the amazing coral reef that It extends from La Arenilla beach to Cabo San Juan de Guía. One of the special places we recommend to dive, is La Piscina, with clear and calm waters you will see how a reef that surrounds it makes it a unique and worthy scenario to admire. Get your free diving equipment ready and enjoy the wide variety of angelfish, surgeons, barracudas, turtles like the Hawksbill, elkhorn corals and even the possible appearance of a tender nurse shark.

Note: Only lung diving is allowed in this area, if you do not bring your equipment it is possible to rent it right there.

Photo via  @amandagalldin

Photo via @amandagalldin

Sleeping with the Sounds of the Caribbean

While it is true that the day provides all its solar energy, spending the night listening to the waves crash against the rocks while the gentle sea breeze refreshes us, is a pleasant experience. In the park you have the possibility to camp in any of its permitted areas such as Cañaveral, Arrecifes and Cabo San Juan de Guía. You can easily rent a tent, bring your own or sleep in the famous hammocks. This last one is a hanging challenge

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Coming in contact with the Tairona Ancestral Communities

We finish our list with a visit to Pueblito, a wonderful indigenous settlement that keeps the vestiges of the ancient Tayrona, there are some families of the Kogui descendant village, terraces and archaeological ruins that transport you to the past to a time where they gave offerings to pay respect to the mountain and ensure balance between mother nature. You can get here from Cabo San Juan by taking the uphill road for about 2 hours.

How to get to the Tayrona Park and to the El Zaíno entrance?

Once you're at The Dreamer in Santa Marta, we offer shuttles each morning at 7:30 am and 9:30 am. Alternatively, you can take the bus just in front of the road, paying only 6 thousand pesos, you will reach the Zaíno entrance in approximately 40 minutes. Once you enter the park you can take a van to the cane trail to start the tour or if you prefer you can walk from there. To exit the park, you may exit in the same path, or alternatively, take a boat from the Cabo san Juan beach to Tanganga, which leaves at 4:30pm and gives you magnificent views of the park at dusk. 

Photo via  @kdefanti

Photo via @kdefanti

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