Don Diego River - A Tubing Adventure

Don Diego River - A Tubing Adventure

From the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada, the famous Don Diego River is born. It descends in a winding path, through various sacred indigenous settlements, and finally reaches a pueblo which bears the same name. From here, in “Don Diego,” you may start an adventures with different activities offered by tourism agencies and locals alike. According to your preferences, each of these will help you discover the spectacular panoramas of this river.

Arriving at Don Diego, you will perceive how a calm and delicate thread of a river turns into the mighty body of the Caribbean Sea. Accompanied by a guide from the Natural Kogui Tour agency, we learned how to enjoy Don Diego to its fullest, and  recommend the following activities. If you are interested to reserve a spot, please contact us at: palomino@thedreamer.co 

Photo via  @alexainbxl

Photo via @alexainbxl


"Tubing" is is the name the locals call this fun way of enjoying the river, and it is what attracts the most visitors to the destination. This activity consists of letting yourself be carried by the river current towards the sea in an inflatable tube, while watching the thick jungle that surrounds. In a relaxed descent you will hear the great sounds of howler monkeys and perhaps the most delicate slide of a reptile. As the river turns to the sea, you will encounter small beaches of soft, yellow sand, and watch fisherman and birds alike, search for fish in the confluence. The trip is around 90 minutes and you will be returned back to the Don Diego pueblo via a boat ride from your guide.



If you do not feel inclined to get wet or jump into the river on a tube, then a boat trip down the river to the confluence and back is your best choice. From the comfort of a traditional wooden fishing vessel, your guide will highlight the wildlife that exists in this remote kingdom, and also drop you off at the beach to walk and enjoy.

Photo via  @zekeypop

Photo via @zekeypop


Although it is not an aquatic way to know the river and you must be accompanied by a guide, this is an unbelievable experience worth highlighting. The tour lasts approximately two hours in which you skirt the river in several sections, achieving a deep connection with the site. Descending into the jungle, also known as “La Lengueta” you will walk down the same trading path indigenous tribes have have used for hundreds of years to reach civilization.

Don Diego, is a spectacular destination for those who seek to relax, enjoy and disconnect from everyday routine. Likewise, it is an important indigenous territory inhabited by communities such as the Kogui and Arhuacos, to whom it is very easy to find. If you wish, you may choose to hire a guide and get to know the nearest indigenous peoples.

In our next adventure, the Dreamer Team will visit one of these villages to offer detailed information.

How to get to this river?

Don Diego is located at kilometer 56 on the road that connects Santa Marta and Riohacha. From The Dreamer in Santa Marta or Palomino, you can take the transport offered by the the hostel and get directly to this place. For more information feel free to contact us at: palomino@thedreamer.co