Best Places to Travel to Colombia in 2019

Best Places to Travel to Colombia in 2019

If you couldn’t travel to Colombia in 2018, it’s never too early to start mapping out where you want to go in this beautiful South American country. Between Colombia’s diverse regions, warm people and affordable prices – you won’t want another year to pass you by without setting foot in this wonderfully exotic country. Here are some Colombian travel destinations you’ll want to hit in 2019: 


This small town hugging the Caribbean coast is a backpacker’s dream. Relax in a hammock while listening to gentle waves breaking on the beach while visiting Palomino, Colombia. Float down a river on a tube while enjoying tranquility of the surrounding tropical ecosystem. Palomino has developed over the years, but it is still a humble spot with beach vibes. People get around on motorcycles and hostels in Palomino offer guests a place to slow down and take in this chill little town. 

Santa Marta 

Both Cartagena and Santa Marta, Colombia are located along the Caribbean coast. While Cartagena sees tons of tourists thanks to cruise ships, Santa Marta has less hustle and bustle. Home to the oldest Spanish settlement in Colombia, Santa Marta is awash with history and culture. It’s also the closest main city to Tayrona Park (Parque Tayrona in Spanish) Plus, it’s the starting point for treks through the magical jungle to reach Colombia’s Lost City (Ciudad Perdida), a historical gem even older than Machu Picchu in Peru. If you have a passion for nature and adventure, Santa Marta, Colombia should be on your 2019 must-see list. 


Located about 3.5 hours by car outside of Bogota, the small city of Honda is where Colombians vacation.  You won’t see many foreigners yet, but that could change in a couple of years, so it’s best to go soon. With its cobbled stone streets, colorful buildings and plethora of bridges crossing the intersecting river, Honda has all the charm of Cartagena without the crowds. In fact, the small streets, cafes and town squares are so cute, many TV shows and movies shoot in Honda. You don’t need to be a location scout to see all of Honda’s potential. 


Home to more than 8 million people, Bogota is Colombia’s bustling capital. Bogota doesn’t always get the love it deserves and too many tourists opt to just poke around during a long layover instead of really getting to know this city tucked between the Andes Mountain Range. Bogota’s gastronomic scene is getting more innovative, interesting and, of course, delicious by the day. So a visit to Bogota in 2019 will mean your taste buds will thank you. Some of these great restaurants can be found in La Candelaria, Bogota’s historic district. Zona G is also well-known throughout the city for being a neighborhood with tons of interesting food options. 

Colombia’s tourism number won’t be on par with those of say Italy or Spain, but you can count on more people visiting Colombia in 2019 and beyond. So it’s best to book your flight, pack a bag and head to Colombia before everyone else realizes it’s the best spot for an incredible vacation.